Terms and Conditions

  1. Our charges - Please telephone for a quote for all work not listed on our website.   In most cases a flat fee is charged and this must be discharged prior to DFG commencing work.  Additional fees may apply for lodging Objections, drawing Submissions and attending for any hearing of Objections or High Court Reviews.  
  2. Your file - Your file will be sent to us either by DX or courier.  DFG will confirm safe receipt of same and will return your file by the same method in which it was delivered to us.
  3. Once your file is received by this office we will write to you setting out a provisional date for completion of your bill of costs. Included in this initial communication will be a brief document schedule detailing what you have sent to us.
  4. We commit to delivery your bill of costs within 7 to 14 days. If we cannot deliver your bill within this time frame we will communicate this to you and ask for a further 10 days within which to deliver your bill.
  5. Upon delivery of our bill of costs we will ask you to review our bill and give us your instructions.
  6. If you wish us to have your bill taxed we would ask you to return a signed copy of the bill together with a cheque in the amount of stamp duty required made out to the chief clerk to cover the costs of stamp duty on the necessary form.
  7. We will set the matter down for taxation within 7 days of receipt of the signed bill and cheque. We will then notify you of the date given by the court service.
  8. Prior to attending taxation on your behalf we will confirm your instructions and proceed on the basis of these instructions.
  9. Post taxation we will communicate the outcome to you and seek your instructions. Should you wish to have the matter review we will advise accordingly.
  10. Should you wish to conclude the matter we will ask you to provide us with cheque to discharge the stamp duty on certificate of tax. We will draw up the certificate of tax.
  11. Payment to us is required within 21 days of either delivery of your bill, negotiation of your bill or the issuing of a certificate of tax. We reserve to right to charge interest in accordance with the European Communities (Late Payment in Commercial Transactions) Regulations.  Our fee remains due and owing regardless if the opposing party discharges and settlement of costs or taxed costs.
  12. When furnishing DFG Legal Costs Accountants Ltd with instructions, the Instructing Firm accepts liability for our invoice.