Sligo Court House

What should be sent to DFG Legal Cost Accountants to have a Bill of Costs drawn up?


In order for DFG Legal Cost Accountants to prepare your Bill of Costs you should send us the following:


1.       All attendances of Instructions;


2.       All correspondence to include 'Without Prejudice' correspondence;


3.       All Pleadings;


4.       All Documents you reviewed;


5.       All Case Law you reviewed;


6.       All time sheets;


7.       Junior Counsel's Fee Notes (with Junior Counsel's VAT No.);


8.       Senior Counsel's Fee Notes (with Senior Counsel's VAT No.);


9.       All attendances of Court;


10.   All attendances of Settlement Negotiations;


11.   Advice on Proofs;


12.   All Orders of the Court (to include the ruling of the case);


13.   All Expert Witnesses' Fee Notes;


14.   Any receipts for travel expenses;


15.   All receipts for use of rooms (i.e. Law Society Receipts);


16.   Summary of the Case;


17.   Any other documentation that might be relevant to Costs; and


18.   Ledger card.


Once we have received the above documentation, we shall prepare your Bill of Costs within 20 working days or less.